• ​Players are skating with their teammate of the same age

  • Players are skating at the level whether that is beginner, recreational, travel, competitive or highly competitive AAA

  • Local coaches or team coaches involved. They are encouraged to come on the ice and assist.

  • Ice rented by local team or club is cheaper per hour.

  • Here players are only paying for a top professional coach

  • Club or Team registration reduces the cost and time of advertising.

  • Cost is usually $150-$200 less than your regular hockey school. 

  • This session could be used as a fund raiser for the local team or club.​

  • Hockey Schools are filled with players from a wide age range. For example, 8-12 yr. olds on the ice

  • Hockey Schools are filled with players from a wide skill level. For example, beginning recreational players to AAA players.

  • Hockey Schools don't involve the local team coach or club coaches.

  • Players don't always work hard for a hockey school instructor because there are no consequences.

  • Hockey Schools are so expensive because of the cost to fly in and accommodate additional staff.

  • Ice rental cost more for out of town renter.

  • Cost of Hockey School is usually $150-$200 more than Consulting Session.

  • The local team and or club gets nothing out of the hockey school


  • Age                                        Specific                                                   Wide Range

  • Level                                      Specific                                                   Wide Range

  • Local Coaches                       Specific                                                   Not There

  • Practice Intensity                   Instilled                                                    Not There

  • Drills Repeated                      Yes                                                              No

  • Instruction                             World Renowned                                     Could be just O.K.                                    

  • Fundraiser                             Available                                                  Not There

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 Learn the same drills and techniques Mark uses with Pro players, including quick    feet drills, resistance training to lengthen stride, over speed training for faster leg speed.

With over 20 years of coaching experience, Mark's teaching techniques has made him one of the world's most sought after Power Skating and Skills Coach.

 Mark Ciaccio and MC Hockey Skills does not conduct traditional hockey schools with open registration except in Phoenix AZ. Mark believes that the hockey school model is flawed and that there is a better way to train players.

 We guarantee, Mark Ciaccio, "Skating and Skills Coach for the New York Rangers" (NHL) to teach your training sessions.

 Training sessions are sponsored by Teams, Clubs and or Hockey Federations...

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